About LINII® Tasmania

Huon Pine (Lagarostrobus franklinii) is a Tasmanian icon. Endemic to the rugged rainforests in the South West of the State, some of the oldest trees have been growing there 3,000 or more years.

Noted for its finely grained texture, the wood is much admired for its longevity, durability and unique fragrance.

Rich in naturally occurring Methyl Eugenol, Huon Pine Oil has well identified fungicidal and insect repelling properties.

With significant trees now rare in the wild, the remaining stocks of Huon Pine logs are carefully superintended by the Tasmanian Government to ensure this beautiful wood will be available for future generations.

Bridestowe Estate cleverly gathers and processes Huon Pine fines and using steam extraction collects the active components and fragrance.

The extracts are then formulated into soaps and toiletries and environmentally friendly products to enhance and protect your home, office and pets.

The entire range is uniquely Tasmanian and manufactured at Bridestowe Estate for Australia wide and International distribution.