LINII® Huon Pine Mist – 100ml

LINII® Huon Pine Mist – 100ml

LINII® Huon Pine Mist is long lasting, calming, soothing and inviting. Use this amazing mist to bring the temperate rain forest of South West Tasmania into your home.

Use in personal spaces to freshen linen, bedding, clothing, carpets etc

Use in personal spaces to protect against Silverfish, Moth, Flea or Mite occurrence.

Contains Huon Pine Hydrosol and a proprietary mix of Essential Oils.

Our Huon Pine Mist can be used in and around cupboards and hard surfaces to deter pests. As it has great oil content it will protect your family for a long time.

You will get over 200 sprays from a 100ml bottle.

"From The Heart of Tasmania"

LINII® is a Registered Trademark of Dematin Developments Pty Ltd (ABN 52 124 261 267).

LINII® products are thoughtfully manufactured at Bridestowe Estate, 296 Gillespies Road, Nabowla, TASMANIA. Read our story.

It’s a beautiful fine mist and a very pleasant fragrance, I spray my dog’s bedding each morning to prevent any nasties
Smells lovely and is very relaxing. Like being in a pine forest.
Wonderful product and my cat likes it. I also use it in wardrobes as the fragrance is very pleasant.
My house smells like a pine Forrest love it
Lovely smell
I love this product, scent is wonderful, can't get enough of it.
Love this product.
Fresh scent around the house. Lovely product.
Comforting and lingering scent. Will repurchase.
smells like the bush, wonderful