LINII® Huon Pine Carpet Freshener

LINII® Huon Pine Carpet Freshener

Use just like any Shake and Vac product.

Will absorb odours and moisture in rooms caused by smelly, damp carpet.

Packaged in a recycled cardboard tube,

Packed in a CERTIFIED BIODEGRADABLE BAG, so you or will have the product as fresh as the day it came from the mill.

Just open plastic inner and shake on musty, smelly or damp carpets. Leave for 2-8 hours and vacuum up.


You won’t believe how effective this product is in eliminating pet, smoking or food odours.

"From The Heart of Tasmania"

LINII® is a Registered Trademark of Dematin Developments Pty Ltd (ABN 52 124 261 267).

LINII® products are thoughtfully manufactured at Bridestowe Estate, 296 Gillespies Road, Nabowla, TASMANIA. Read our story.

Product was as good as I expected. Granddaughter who had recently moved to Tasmania sent me a pouch for Christmas, I have purchased some for family. and some extras for myself.
Slight smell of pine but freshens up the carpet beautifully
works beautifully on stale odours
Good size and well packed.
Again coming up with not using plastic would take this to my ideal level.
A natural product that smells divine..
Fantastic for freshening carpets with the bonus of repelling pest insects.
Bought this and the mist for my mum to help with her cat odours. Have only had it for a week. My mum loves the fresh pine smell, as she suffers hay fever and it doesn't effect her.
Not tried yet
Love this product when compared to other commercial deodorisers, which have too strong a smell.