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You won’t believe how effective this product is in eliminating pet, 喫煙や食べ物のにおい.

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大きさ 20 × 7 cm
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  1. Karen Johns

    My carpets are now fresher for longer. In the past I have used ‘chemicalbased carpet fresheners to help remove the stale dog smell ( usually weekly) – these caused a strong ‘masking smellthat was only effective for a day or so. After using LINII Carpet Freshener I have found that I only notice ‘thatdoggy smell coming back after 2- 3 週間. I get at least 4 -5 deodorises from each tube so that makes its very cost effective and add in the benefit of that lovely natural huon pine smell-and I know that it is chemical free- I’m very happy !
    Thank LINII for a great product.

  2. キャロル (検証の所有者)

    This product is amazing.We have two dogs sleeping in our bedroom and this removes all doggy smells from the room and being a natural product is better for the dogs and ourselves. Top class product and would definitely purchase again.

  3. When you have kids, housekeeping is a priority, so removing odors from carpets becomes part of the cleaning routine.
    Before I used very strong chemicals but now I love this product! It is much more natural, it does not harm the children, or our pets and the best is its easy application.

  4. キャロリン

    I don’t have carpets (13 cats and 3 dogs) but use it on all my mats. Great for cutting through the animal smells and a little goes a long way.

  5. ライン (店長)

    This is a classic and great product to freshen a room when you cant get the carpets cleaned. It is of course obligatory to do the dance and sing the song when using it! 素敵で新鮮な香り.

  6. ライン (店長)

    Have bought this product for years and pleased to say it never fails to freshen carpets after the inevitable pet or child based accident! Does what it says on the tin.

  7. ライン (店長)

    素晴らしい製品. Very happy with purchase. Highly recommended. Arrived quickly and well packaged.really recommended.

  8. ライン (店長)

    Purchased to get rid of the smell of dog diahorrea on the back seat of the car during a long journey as fabreeze didn’t even touch it. Can drive around with the windows closed again now.

  9. ライン (店長)

    I use one of the inner packs every month , keeps the place smelling so good and carpets stay fresh!i love this product really recommended its amazing.

  10. カレン・ケネディ (検証の所有者)

    ファンタスティック. Took the doggy smell out of the carpets

  11. ルイーズ・ラムゼイ (検証の所有者)

    Havent used it yet. But it smells great

  12. 匿名の (検証の所有者)


  13. ウェンディ (検証の所有者)

    So far so good

  14. Kay (検証の所有者)

    Love this product when compared to other commercial deodorisers, which have too strong a smell.

  15. コンセッタ (検証の所有者)

    Not tried yet

  16. ジョンC. (検証の所有者)

    Bought this and the mist for my mum to help with her cat odours. Have only had it for a week. My mum loves the fresh pine smell, as she suffers hay fever and it doesn’t effect her.

  17. Sarah Matthews (検証の所有者)

    Fantastic for freshening carpets with the bonus of repelling pest insects.

  18. Kay (検証の所有者)

    A natural product that smells divine..

  19. Dian E. (検証の所有者)

    Again coming up with not using plastic would take this to my ideal level.

  20. James S. (検証の所有者)

  21. 匿名の (検証の所有者)

    Good size and well packed.

  22. Nikki (検証の所有者)

    works beautifully on stale odours

    • ライン (店長)

      Hi Guys, Thank you very much for the warm comments and feedback.


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