LINII® Huon Pine Bag 285g

LINII® Huon Pine Bag 285g

The LINII® Huon Pine Bag packaging uses our screen printed logo, comprehensive swing tag and a Biodegradable inner liner. The use of the liner ensures the product remains fresh until you decide to activate it.

The Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) is Australia's oldest living tree and is one of the oldest living organisms on earth. Only found on the wild West Coast Rainforests of Tasmania and no longer logged, it is a carefully regulated resource. Tasmanians have long known the power of the Huon Pine to deter parasites and pests in cupboards, pet beds and personnel spaces.

This fragrant and practical product will evoke all the aroma and mystery of the Tasmanian Rainforest.

Just prick the bag with a sharp pin 10-20 times and place it in a drawer, linen cupboard, storage suitcase, sports bag, blanket box or even in the children's soft toy collections.

Once a year, just add a few drops of water to bring back the full power of Linii.

Silverfish, moths and mould hate Huon Pine. YOU will LOVE IT.

"From The Heart Of Tasmania"

LINII® is a Registered Trademark of Dematin Developments Pty Ltd (ABN 52 124 261 267).

LINII® products are thoughtfully manufactured at Bridestowe Estate, 296 Gillespies Road, Nabowla, TASMANIA. Read our story.

Great in laundry, keeps a fresh air feel in there.
The best thing I love is these products keep the insects away; the second is the smell comforting and refreshing, just like the oldest plants bring new life into our environment. Recommend the products as NATURAL,EFFICIENT and ESSENTIAL.
Thanks for the Huon pine’s unique smell, the products are very helpful. It’s my second time to buy the door snake and other products. I love them. The delivery is also fast and efficient. Thanks for the oldest living plants to bring us peace of mind and healthy environment. Thank you.
Exactly what I’d hoped! My partner loves the smell of Huon pine so he has spread it around the house!
protecting my beautiful knitwear, thank you
Smell great.
Very good like the smell
Love the pine smell from this large size bag!
Nice smell and keeps bugs away.
Happy with the product