LINII® “Huon Pine” Fragrance Oil 25ml

LINII® “Huon Pine” Fragrance Oil 25ml

LINII® "Huon Pine" Fragrance Oil is custom blended to capture evocative aroma of Huon Pine and Tasmania's South Western Wilderness areas.

A few drops can be added to the LINII® Diffuser Bombe or other atomiser to release the aura and magic of this special tree and region. Also use 1-2 drops to refresh LINII® "Huon Rainforest" Pot Pourri.

"From The Heart of Tasmania"

LINII® is a Registered Trademark of Dematin Developments Pty Ltd (ABN 52 124 261 267).

LINII® products are thoughtfully manufactured at Bridestowe Estate, 296 Gillespies Road, Nabowla, TASMANIA. Read our story.